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A Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program is a proven model of apprenticeship that has been validated by the U.S. Department of Labor or a state apprenticeship agency. RA programs use a method of training that emphasizes learning by doing. RA is a paid job; apprentices participate in a mix of structured on-the-job and classroom learning, receive mentorship from experienced colleagues, and attain a portable nationally recognized credential. RA programs allow employers to train workers to meet their unique needs and provide a way to shore up and diversify their talent pipelines.

Secondary and postsecondary education institutions play an important role in RA programs. Education institutions including high schools, CTE centers, community colleges, and four-year institutions build and strengthen a pipeline of talent into RA programs and provide curriculum development and instructional support as needed to RA program sponsors.

Benefits of RA Programs to Education Institutions

RA programs have a proven track record of delivering results that benefit education institutions:
  • Deliver applied learning aligned to in-demand careers
  • Create clear pathways to a college degree and/or certification
  • Build strong relationships with employers by developing a pipeline of students with needed skills
  • Strengthen student outcomes by preparing students to successfully enter the workforce 
  • Receive federal funding

How Can We Help?

The Hub provides many services and supports to education institutions – all at no cost! 

The Hub will:
  • Conduct education and outreach about the benefits of RA programs in supply chain automation
  • Connect education and training providers with employers and workforce organizations  
  • Support curriculum development to meet employers’ training needs
  • Support education institutions to offer applied learning aligned to in-demand careers and pathways to a college degree and/or certification
  • Assist in outreach and marketing efforts to promote RAPs with a focus on equity and diversity
  • Identify state and federal funding opportunities

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