About Us

The Supply Chain Automation Workforce Hub (Hub) is a one-stop solution for recruiting and training skilled workers in supply chain automation and is powered by employers, education institutions, and workforce organizations. The Hub brings together key stakeholders to develop customized training solutions – Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs – to develop a skilled workforce in supply chain automation.

We are focused on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in RA programs to empower minority populations and Veterans to advance in their careers as we assist employers in diversifying their workforce while raising productivity, increasing recruitment and retention, and improving worker morale.

The Hub can provide many different types of support to RA program sponsors and stakeholders.

Meet Our Team

Marilia Mochel
Project Director

James Price
Project Manager

Janet B. Bray
Technical Assistance Lead

Wanda S. Monthey
Subject Matter Expert, Curriculum Development and RA Sponsorship

Raymond Smith
Workforce Consultant/Manager

Dina Igoe
Business Development and Marketing Lead

Melissa Zervos
Subject Matter Expert, Adult Education

Kimberly Harris
Subject Matter Expert, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)

Cori Di Biase
Subject Matter Expert, Veterans Affairs

Hub Partners

The Hub is a partnership between key organizations that work closely together to develop and sustain RA programs in supply chain automation:

Manhattan Strategy Group. Leads delivery of TA and supports for the Hub and coordination across all Hub partners

Manufacturing Skill Standards Council. Offers certification including Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation (tailored to distribution centers)

National Association of Workforce Boards. Brings a network and dedicated infrastructure to reach local stakeholders

National Coalition of Certification Centers. Offers certification including Festo Industry 4.0 (tailored to production)

How Can We Help?

The Hub helps employers, education institutions, and career seekers in many ways – all at no cost! 

The Hub will:
  • Provide support for sate and/or national registration of RA programs
  • Offer financial incentives and technical assistance for RA program sponsors
  • Conduct education and outreach to key stakeholders about benefits of RA programs in supply chain automation
  • Connect interested employers to education and training providers, and workforce organizations
  • Support education institutions offering applied learning aligned to in-demand careers and pathways to a college degree and/or certification
  • Assist in outreach and marketing efforts to promote RA programs with a focus on equity and diversity
  • Identify state and federal funding opportunities

Stay Connected

For more information about how the Hub can help you with your supply chain automation and Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs, please email us at scaworkforcehub@manhattanstrategy.com.